Air Curtain Elements

Large Air Curtain Elements

Highly efficient open coil construction of elements for large air curtains. These provide a more rapid response in heat up and cool down operation than conventional tubular finned elements.

Also there is the added benefits of savings in weight, efficiency and reduced intransigent wear on thermal protector devices.

Rapid cool down means that there is no need of “over-run” facility of fan motor control as required when using tubular finned elements.

Air Curtain Element

Our range includes cassettes to fit 0.5m to 2m lengths and multiples thereof. The photograph above shows a 1.3m cassette designed to fit a 1.5m air curtain, running at 12KW 400V 3 phase.

  • Single and three-phase
  • Power ratings up to 24KW as standard
  • 110V – 600V as standard

Design and initial testing can be done at our factory where we interchange units from tubular finned to open coil and arrange that they are retro-fit.


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